For the safety of our fish, we ship only within the Continental US, which excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Our Bettas are shipped in insulated boxes, with heat packs in the colder months. All Bettas are carefully checked over before being double bagged, and are packed in specially treated water to help minimize the stress of shipping.

~Shipping costs are as follows:

~One – Four Bettas: $18.00, 2-3 day USPS Priority shipping. Insulated box, tracking number and heat pack included. 
~Five – Eight Bettas: $22.00, 2-3 day USPS Priority shipping. Insulated box, tracking number, and heat pack included. 

Overnight USPS Priority Express shipping is available for an extra fee, determined by your location. It usually runs around $40-$50. Although it costs more, this type of shipping can occasionally still take up to two days for delivery.

***If the weather in your area is below 35 degrees F, or over 85 degrees F, I will delay shipping until temps are more stable. Bettas handle shipping well, but not in extreme cold or extreme heat! Extreme cold can also cause heat packs to malfunction, or stop working. The safety of the fish comes first and foremost.***

Live delivery is guaranteed. In the unlikely event of a betta arriving DOA (dead on arrival), you must take two clear photographs, or a short video, of the fish in its UNOPENED shipping bag. Photos or videos must be sent within two hours of the fish being delivered, or the guarantee is void. Delivery time used is the delivery time stated on the USPS tracking. Refunds will be made for the price of the fish only, there are no refunds on shipping costs. Please make sure to be home, or arrange for someone else to be at your address when the fish are expected to be delivered. Fish that sit outside all day in the hot sun, or chilly air, are likely to become ill, or even die. If you can not be home at the expected time of arrival, I can arrange for your post office to hold the fish for pick up. They are much safer inside the post office rather than sitting outside.

When you receive your bettas, you should try to open the box in a dimly lit room, in order to minimize the stress of them coming out of a dark box into bright light. Bettas should be floated in their UNOPENED shipping bags, for 45 minutes to an hour, in order to acclimate them to their new environment. (*** I highly recommend keeping your bettas in heated water! Bettas are tropical fish, and do much better in water that is 78-82 degrees F, rather than just room temperature. All of my bettas are used to living in heated environments. ***)  After this they can be released into their new home. Bettas are often dull colored and lethargic for a few hours or a day after being shipped. They should regain their coloration and become more active after this period of settling in is over. Some will eat right away, others take a day or two before they will accept food.