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New Bettas for Sale!

New Bettas have begun being added for sale on the site as of today! I’ve been jarring multiple spawns over the past few weeks, bettas will continue to be added for sale as the days go on. I’m happy to announce that we have a new spawn today from the male pictured below, with a candy koi HM female as his breeding partner. I can’t wait to see these little guys grow up! (this male is not for sale)

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Unicorn Betta 🦄

This beautiful HM male from one of my marble spawns is not for sale, he’s being held back for breeding once he’s a bit bigger. I just wanted to share his photo because he’s absolutely gorgeous, and gets prettier every day! I call him my “unicorn” betta. 😊 His colors remind me of unicorns, and faeries, and all things fantasy.

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Available Bettas

**UPDATE: All of the fish in this post have been sold. Please see the Bettas for Sale Section for current availability. **

The guys and girls pictured in this post are some of the young bettas currently available. They can be purchased at my eBay store, user name fishy_wishes, or you can email me. 🙂

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Copper HMPK Females

***SOLD OUT!***

Copper HMPK females, hatched 1/18/2019. Golds, white/golds, green/reds, full coppers, and blue/greens available. Some butterflies and marbles. Living together, and should do well in a sorority. Will be posting individual photos of each fish soon!

$10.00 each, or 3 for $25.00

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Blue/Black/White Butterfly HM male

*** ADOPTED ***

Blue/black/white BF HM male, hatched 11/14/2018. This guy has been living in a community tank with fancy guppies since he was about 8 weeks old. He gets along very well with the other fish, minimum flaring, and no problems with fin nipping. A great fish for someone that’s looking for a mild mannered male to add to a non-aggressive community aquarium!

$5.00 Adoption Fee, plus shipping.